Monday, November 16, 2015

Sand, Snow, And Wind Storms In The Canyon

It began yesterday with strong winds blowing off the top layer of the mud that has covered our land here since the mudflow that came down with the rain a few weeks ago.

I have wondered how nature would redeem herself, get rid of the mud, and return to normal. This may be one of her ways. Gusts to 60 mph they said on the news. 

Overnight, the storm continued with strong winds, rain, hail, sleet, and a little bit of snow. My old windows would have rattled, shook, and whistled with the wind; my new ones held up beautifully.  

As I stepped outside to take some pictures, I realized that much as I have longed for winter weather, something we haven't seen here for a couple of years, I may be getting a bit old for it. Even though it's only about 30F right now, I have absolutely no desire to walk the dogs in this weather. 

This was Faith's first encounter with snow. She stepped out into it, gingerly, lifting her paws and putting them down carefully, like a cat. But it didn't take long before she realized she could lick the snow, she could run around in it, and that there was more snow on her table. She took to running and jumping up and down, on and off the table, back up, down again, she even flew over Samson, but landed safely. She's so full of joy this dog, I just have to smile. 


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