Friday, June 26, 2015

Samson Plays Dentist

Samson: OK now, I'm just going to check your teeth and clean them. Open wide, please.

Faith: I'm scared, will it hurt?

Samson: Only if I find a cavity. Then I may have to pull your tooth. 

Faith: Ouch! 
Samson: Let me just get in there and clean your molars.

Faith: I eat a lot of manure, you know from the cows. Won't that make my teeth healthy?
Samson: Manure is for plants. All it does for you is give you a stinky mouth. 

Samson: OK, we are done now. You did very well and all your teeth are white and healthy.
Faith: Are they pretty?
Samson: Yes, they are.

Samson: Maybe now you can get a boyfriend and stop bugging me so.
Faith: I attacked Judah, he'll never speak to me again. 
Samson: Better not attack him if he comes back. You're supposed to be nice to your neighbors. 
To himself: The way she tried to beat that poor pup up, I'll be stuck with her forever........


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