Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Sunday Morning Hike

There's something wonderful about beginning your hike into the wild right outside your front door. 

On Sunday, we first hike up a hill or two, something I can still do but not without some shortness of breath. Then we reach flat land, soft earth of sand and crushed sandstone under our boots and paws. Junipers are the only trees here, most of them fairly healthy looking in spite of the drought; unfortunately, everything else looks dead. 

Cloudy skies and cool temperatures make it a nice day for me. Best of all, hubby hikes with us,  managing really well, enjoying himself, and holding my hand on the steep downhills. 

We used to hike all the time when the weather was cool. Before he got so tired, before he was diagnosed with cancer. We used to go for long hikes past a quarry, past old ruins of stone houses or shacks, and on to an abandoned old beer truck, just sitting there in a field. That was a couple of years ago now. 

Faith is six months old today. So what do you think: Will she stay a fairly small dog, or grow some more? She has grown on the length, but not much taller, or so it seems to me. Her head is small, her eyes are beady, but she keeps an eye on you at all times. 

Taking pictures, I lag behind and as soon as she feels I'm too far behind, there she comes, running at full speed, circling me, sort of herding me forward. Large or small, Faith is a good dog, probably the easiest dog we've ever had. 


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