Friday, August 8, 2014

Notes From The Canyon

We take our trash to the dump in Old Betsy, our 1989 Ford Ranger truck, that just keeps going and going. However, during my husband's illness she developed a slow leak and got a flat tire. So trash piled up, both of us too tired to deal with it. 

A mama black bear with two cubs is roaming around our hills. When food is hard to come by, toppling trash cans, eating leftovers, and making a general huge mess is always an option. It has never happened to us before, but Saturday morning that's what I found. A huge mess! I wasn't even mad, as I feel so bad for the wild critters in this horrible drought. 

We cleaned it up,  hubby put air in Betsy's front tire, we loaded her up and drove over to the dump. There we learned that the biannual hazardous material collection would begin at nine a.m. When we got home, I quickly collected all the sharps related to my insulin pump and glucose meter, forgot all about the batteries I have collected for a long time, and drove back to the dump, gave them the old and got a new container. So the bears weren't all bad news. We got a lot accomplished that would have lingered.

Mama bear's timing was good for us as it began to rain Saturday night. A slow steady rain continued all day Sunday. Just what we needed here, a break in the weather, cooler for about five days. Fortunately, we didn't experience any flash floods like those in the mountains to the south of us.

About half of our garden is doing well, the other half, not so good. Looks like we will have plenty of peas and beans, some corn, beets, radishes, onions, greens and mixed salad leaves. 

Everything in our container garden is doing great, we are picking tomatoes and various kinds of peppers.  

We have more mint than we know what to do with. Bees like it, so that's good. 

I stopped by our friends' place to get some fresh eggs. While there, I saw their baby turkeys and baby goats, and got a kiss on my cheek from this gorgeous llama. Isn't she a beauty? Her eyes are incredible, long lashes, and dark markings for a smoky eye effect.  

Someone around here is getting bigger and bigger. And Samson is fine too, except he needs a good brushing. I used to brush him almost every day, now it's been a very long time. He loves his sister and gets plenty of exercise playing with her. She wraps herself in his tail when its time to go to sleep.

We have two rather difficult weeks ahead of us with every other day appointments both at UCLA and in Pasadena. I don't think I will be able to post anything during this time. The long distances are doing me in, messing with my diabetes care, and making me more tired than ever before. 

Samson Says: Thanks for asking about me, all you nice people. I'm fine, but as you can see, I need to take a rest after all the exercise my little sister puts me through. I should send her off to that TV show, The Biggest Loser, I know all those people's weight would come off in no time.

As for me, I see the vet next month sometime, but mommy said she can feel ribs and my collar needs to be tightened by a hole. Personally, I never understood why my weight was an issue. 

Love you my Gracie girl, I hope you are taking good care of yourself and your family.

From all of us here in the canyon:

Have a great day everyone!


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